Online Software Update 

  • same as Version 1.53
  • 21.11.2022 diverse Anpassungen für PHP8.1

to install the new features take a look at:  Software Update 

11.12.2016 Version 1.53

  • Subfolders for "daten": "backup" und "temp". Old Versions are  in "backup" and temporary  in "temp".
  • TinyMCE CodeSample: Keyboard Shortcut: Strg+Alt+Y 
  • Online-Update changed to https
  • mod-rewrite: No Input File Specified. fastcgi as PHP Handler and mod_rewrite:  RewriteRule changed
  • htmldiff included to show differences to old versions
  • Keywords can be added under "Meta-Description", use #Keyword1#Keyword2, ... new Variables: $hashtags and Array: $hashtagarray, and the function topicshavinghashtag
  • $firstparturl and https was not working
  • Added a class for Topic-Details, it is used in buildpage.php for loading details. (the class LibeArticle is in functions.php)
  • buildpage.php: some Sourcecode cleanup and speed optimizations: The file: dat_menu_file.dat will not be used for loading files: All Informations for building topics and the menustructure are now in "dat_menu.tsv". If you update LiBeCMS, please save any topic to update the file.
  • If an article is not published, all sub-articles are also not published
  • Update: TinyMCE 4.4.2, as Codesample does not work in newer Versions
  • Update: Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • Update: jquery to Version 3.1.1
  • Update lightbox to 2.9.0
  • Mobile-Detect to Version 2.8.24
  • Updated Bootstrap Templates.

27.03.2016 Version 1.52

  • URLs for new articles are now in lower-case
  • 301 if an non-existing article is called in lower-case to the existing article
  • JQuery 2.2.1
  • TinyMCE 4.3.4
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • Lightbox 2.8.2
  • Mobile-Detect  Version 2.8.19
  • Plugin Superfish Version 1.7.7 (is not used in the Templates)
  • TinyMCE Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • strg+alt+1-6 for Headlines (ctrl+1 does not work in Google Chrome)
    • strg+alt+b for Bold
    • strg+alt+c for Code
    • strg+alt+x for Pre
    • strg+alt+s for samp
  • new Variable $bottomload to call all Scripts at the bottom, for a faster pageloading

05.10.2015 Version 1.51

  • TinyMCE File / Save added
  • Sourcecode Editor is now Codemirror including MatchTags (editarea removed)
  • Testtemplate via Cookie:activates the Testemplate in the Editor, so that changes are made to the Testtemplate not to the Production Template
  • Bootstrap Templates: dynamic width for Videos
  • Use the whole Site for Nestable.js: better scrolling
  • Warning if a topic is opened in a second Window
  • TinyMCE 4.2.6

28.07.2015 Version 1.50

  • new Variables $pubdate and $changedate ... to display change and publishing date
  • Mod-Rewrite works now without running in the root of the webservber
  • custom Mod-Rewrite URL are now not visible for the function singleurl
  • Images: Lightbox Images will not use a <a href Link in the editor, the link is now generated by jquery in the Frontend.
  • Improvements in selecting the picture size
  • Improvements in the Editor
  • Bootstrap Templates: some HTML Improvements
  • jQuery 1.11.3 Warning: change the jQuery version in the Sourcecode of your old Templates
  • TinyMCE toVersion 4.2.1
  • Plugin Superfish toVersion 1.7.5
  • AnythingSlider ato Version 1.9.4
  • Mobile-Detect to Version 2.8.15
  • Twitter Bootstrap to 3.3.5
  • Lightbox to Version 2.8.1 (Lightbox sould be called at the end of the sourcecode)

16.03.2015 Version 1.49

  • some small Template Updates
  • Mobile Detect to Version 2.8.11
  • auth.php goto the actual Page in Backend after Passwort insert

12.02.2015 Version 1.48

  • uploaded Video Files are recognized and imported as HTML5 Video
  • some small Template Updates

16.12.2014 Version 1.47

  • Warnings if the page was not saved
  • Admin Menu CSS optimization for Mobile Devices
  • New Feature to edit Templates, the corresponding Templates will be included in the next version
  • removed old Templates

30.10.2014 Version 1.46

  • next_topic was empty if a new topic was not saved
  • some small improvements in the Backend
  • JQuery ajax Spamfilter for Feedbackmodule
  • new simple Usercounter including the same Spamfilter logic.

16.10.2014 Version 1.45

  • use Ctrl + V to upload images directly from clipboard using Google Chrome as Webbrowser
  • COOKIE: login_admin contains a random number to save the menus collapse state for each PC (Cookie) and not for the IP address.
  • Topics may be published in the future by disabling "publish" without setting the date in future. 

12.10.2014 Version 1.44

Nestable Drag and Drop Menu:  Collapse State for Nestable gets saved after changes.  Bug for the new  "add Links Function" solved: path was sometimes wrong.



for older ChangeLog take a look at the original German Topic:  Changelog