in Settings "Software Update" it is possible to update to the latest available Software Version: 

the  PHP Script Downloads the File from and replaces old File Versions.

The file includes some small changes and bugfixes, which are not included in the downloadversion.

If something goes wrong, the update procedure stores a Backup of all Files in  Download/backup-Date, you can copy this files back to the original location by the use of FTP.

As a prerequisite for the online-update the following variable must be set:

PHP-allow_url_fopen = "on"  (php.ini), additinally php must have write access to all files.


It is also possible to download the File and overwrite all extracted files on the webserver.


For a fresh installation you need a complete Release, see  DOWNLOAD.

In addition an update does not change the templates, template-improvements are always in the full installation.

See also: modify templates